As a general definition, pattern coins are prototypes
for possible design changes.  For the most part,
these coins were never approved for circulation, and
some "patterns" were struck solely to be sold to
collectors.  Most are very rare, and some are unique.
Patterns are great fun to collect, especially if you
like unusual or offbeat coin designs.  They also
represent a huge part of our great country's history,
from the first US Seated Liberty design (the
Gobrecht Dollar) to the patterns of 1861, testing
mottoes such as GOD AND OUR COUNTRY, to the
1974 aluminum Lincoln Cent, considered a pattern
by many.  If you have any questions regarding
patterns, email or call, and within 24 hours, I will
provide you with the information you seek.
I no longer carry an  inventory of patterns, as I am
focusing on my Large Flying Eagle research.  
Nevertheless, I am still readily available to assist
you in any way I can with regard to United States
I have tested
about 10 more
1854 and 1855
pattern Flying
Eagle Cents
and have
updates on the
rarity of some
of the 1854 &
1855 Large

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Pattern coins are the story of
what might have been.